Monday, November 30, 2015

Engaging Its Members - The Small School District Association

Since its founding almost 30 years ago, Caldwell Flores Winters has worked to serve students and schools in more than 200 districts throughout California. Caldwell Flores Winters is also a member of industry organizations such as the Small School District Association (SSDA).

Formally established in 1983, the SSDA has a history that can be traced to 1979, when California school districts became more vocal in the state legislative processes. Created to ensure that more than 500 small school districts are not overshadowed by the needs of larger districts across the state, the SSDA also helps reduce operating costs with support services that have a positive impact on educational performance.

To connect with its members and allow them to network with each other and learn ways for improved district operation, the SSDA hosts a number of annual conferences. For example, on March 9-11, 2016, the association will sponsor its 33rd annual Spring Conference in partnership with the Association of California School Administrators. In addition to a charity golf tournament, a dinner, and reception, the conference will host over 30 workshops and more than 60 exhibitors offering discounted. The three-day event is scheduled to occur at the McClellan Conference Center in McClellan Park.                            

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